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      Main projects of 2008

  • Power supply to “Vyezd” in the town of Gatchina, the Leningrad Region.
  • Electric power supply to a multifunction logistic complex, village Petro-Slavyanka in an industrial zone Shushary-2.
  • Reconstruction of 110 kV OPTL HPP-10-HPP-11 (Severanaya-10), Vyborgskie Electric Grids, JSC Lenenergo.
  • Reconstruction of 110/35/10 kV Substation No. 48 “Luga”, Luzhskiye Electric Grids,
    JSC Lenenergo.
  • Reconstruction of 110 kV OPTL Severnaya-3.
  • 330 kV Vostochnaya SS. Water pipe external network.
  • Designer supervision of the object “330 kV Cable lines Plant Ilyich-Volkhov-Severnaya”.
  • Development of design and estimate documentation to construct 110/10 kV SS, part of
    the 1st construction stage of a logistic complex “KOLPINO LOGOPARK”.
  • Reconstruction of the part of 35 kV Michurinskaya-1 OPTL.
  • Reconstruction of several sections of 35 kV Pushkinskaya-2/3 and Susharskaya-2 OPTL.
  • 220 kV Krymskaya-Vyshesteblievskaya OPTL (the Krasnodar Territory).
  • 220 kV Slavyanskaya-Vyshesteblievskaya OPTL with 220 kV Vyshesteblievskaya SS
  • Reconstruction of 35/10 kV SS No. 719 Shapki.
  • 110/10 kV Ust-Luga SS.
  • 110/10/10 kV Kirovskaya SS.
  • Development of the connection scheme to JSC Lenenergo’s energy system of the designed thermal power plant LLC Pulkovskaya TPP.
  • Power supply to building plots close to the river Losevka, village Udaltsovo.
  • Working documentation “Ring Motorway connection in an intersection with Sophiyskaya street. Construction of a ring motorway interchange with Sophiyskaya street. Rearrangement of 220 kV OPTL”.
  • Investments explanation for the facility “Reconstruction of 110 kV Gromovskaya-3/5 OPTL and 35 kV Sapernaya-2 OPTL in a village Varshkovo, Vyborgskiy district, the Leningrad Region”.
  • Development of the Customer’s external power supply scheme to connect an electric load of 200 MVA.
  • Relocation of 35 kV Pushkinskaya-2 OPTL from a Logistic complex “KOLPINO LOGOPARK” building footprint.
  • Construction of Vladimir-Kostroma motorway at the site of the eastern bypass road of the town of Ivanovo in Ivanovskaya Region (the first construction stage of the 1st startup complex). Rearrangement of 110 kV OPTL.
  • Development of network power output scheme (connection scheme) for a 123.9 MVA turbine generator at a thermal power plant of Syktyvkar Forestry to the Southern power center of the energy system in the Komi Republic.
  • Designer supervision of the facility: “Relocation of 220 kV and 110 kV OPTL from
    LLC Hypercenter SPb construction site located at the address Kalininskiy district,
    Marshala Blukhera av., plot 1 (to the south-west of Laboratornaya st.).
  • Update of the connection scheme to JSC Lenenergo’s energy system of the designed thermal power plant LLC Pulkovskaya TPP.
  • Set of works on design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the cable line equipment from TPP-7 to SS-14.
  • Section “Rearrangement of 110 kV Volkhovskaya-3 OPTL on PC 96 + 97 of the railway haul Porogi-post 12 km” for the facility: “Reconstruction of railway terminal Voklkhovstroy October Railways”.
  • Scheme update: Full reconstruction of the sector Mga-Gatchina-Veymarn-Ivangorod and railway harbor approaches at the south coast of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Update of the working documents on the facility “A plant for industrial sulphur reloading in a sea commercial port Ust-Luga”.
  • Development of the first stage of an integrated scheme of external power supply to rectifier substations of the October Railway on the Karelian Isthmus at the site Vyborg – Kamennogorsk – Losevo – Saint-Petersburg under the title: “Arrangement of high-speed passenger train operation at the site Saint-Petersburg-Buslovskaya of October Railway. Freight traffic”.
  • The second stage of port 10 kV electric grids of the Sea Commercial Port Ust-Luga.   Copyright © 2007