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CJSC “ EnergoProject”- is the leading company of Russia on designing electro network and power objects.
CJSC “ EnergoProject” was established in September 2004. “EnergoProject” is composed of employees of the Leningrad division of complex design (LenOKP). “Northwestenergonetproject” institute and major part of subdivisions of “Weastselenenergoproekt” institute. The organizations mentioned were pioneers in electrification of Russia and were playing the leading role in the field of designing electric net objects in the northwest of Russia for many years.
The competent human resources and modern technical base make it possible for “EnergoProject” to develop the breakthrough technologies solutions for construction of new and reconstruction of old substations, aerial cable lines with application of the newest equipment.
CJSC “Energoproekt” is carrying out complex design of the objects of any complexity and a level of voltage.


Core operations: 

-          Project design of the external power supply for industrial, municipal, agricultural and other users.
-          The complex fulfillment of design and exploration works for construction and reconstruction of electric power lines and electric net units.
The key advantage of CJSC “ EnergoProekt” – is the possibility to carry out all works on the creation of the objects of power engineering in complex:
-          to prepare design specifications of the project
-          to prospect
-          to develop the project of investment substantiation, technical and economic feasibility study with the fulfillment of circuit division on the heat-power supply of the enterprise
-          to execute support of examination and to protect technical decisions of the executed project.
-          to carry out architectural supervision.
The guidelines for work of CJSC “EnergoProekt” are:
-          increase in the reliability of power supply
-          irreproachable fulfillment of the contractual obligations
-          guarantee of high-quality
-          individual approach and optimization of design decisions.   Copyright © 2007