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      Social Policy

CJSC “EnergoProekt” is a company which is ready to accept in its team talented, initiative and faithful to business people.

Our vision in the field of personal management is defined by mission and business strategy of CJSC “EnergoProekt”, and aimed at maintenance and development of Company’s competitive advantages. Adherence to corporate values underlies all actions and decisions of the Company. The basic purpose of management policy of CJSC “EnergoProekt” is getting maximal feedback from investments into the personnel by building the system, which:

Motivates each employer to achieve the purposes stated by businessstrategy of the Company;
Estimates (appreciates) achieved results;
Fairly remunerates and encourages for the following achievements.

We aspire to construct such a system of personnel management, where CJSC “EnergoProekt” would have a stable status of «preferable employer» and employees will be ready and capable to bring the company to the maximal benefit.

All internal documents, rules and the procedures, which act in the Company, are developed and carried out in accordance with the present legislation, and also in compliance with the principles of providing equal opportunities to everyone.

The basic principles of CJSC “EnergoProekt” personnel management policy represent five interfacing areas, which assist to achievement of Company’s business purposes: 

Increase productivity of work at all levels;
Recruitment of the best people from different areas;
Employees training and development;
Flexible bonus system;
Continuous development of all branches of Company’s activities.

Every CJSC “EnergoProekt” employee obtains worthy social package. Company pays much attention to the problems of personnel motivation, as well as creating of safe and comfortable working conditions.

CJSC EnergoProject’s social policy implies quality and reliability enhancement of electricity transmission and distribution over the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

This will certainly contribute to social stability, economical growth, society’s prosperity growth, Russia’s stable development on the whole, and last, but not least, employees' living standard improvement.

In its activity CJSC EnergoProject maintains the working principles that enable an effective use of all current potentials to reach the following goals:

  • ensuring autonomous energy security in Russia;
  • resources energy saving;   Copyright © 2007