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      Main projects of 2006

  • External power supply at the pump station Sestroretskaya (BTS-60) under the project “The third stage of Baltiyskaya pipeline system”.
  • 10 kV service OPTL of the Pipeline of Central production facility “Yuzhnoye Khylchuyu” – Offshore tank farm “Varandey”.
  • Reconstruction of 35/6 kV Stapel SS to shift a load to 7 MVA from 35/6 kV SS No. 25 of Vyborg electric grids of JSC Lenenergo in the town of Vyborg.
  • Reconstruction of railway approaches to a railway station Vysotsk of October Railway. Expansion of 10 kV switchgear of SS No. 548 “Terminal”.
  • External power supply to CJSC Izhora Pipe Mill.
  • An integrated reconstruction of the site Mga – Gatchina – Veymarn – Ivangorod and railway approaches to the ports at the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Power supply of electrification site “Idel – Svir” of October Railway. Reconstruction of 110/10 kV Ladva – Vetka SS with approaches to 110 kV OPTL in the Republic of Karelia.
  • Cameral development of cable lines in order to connect the planned ones to 110-330 kV SS for the period till 2015. And a perspective till 2025.
  • Relocation of existing grids of 10 kV OPTL and communication lines from the construction site of oil and oil products reload terminal from engineering infrastructure facilities to a specialized
    oil-reloading seaport Primorsk.
  • Rearrangement of 330, 110, 35 kV OPTL under the III stage of construction of the Western
    High-Speed Diameter. A site from an interchange at the intersection with Bogatyrskiy prospect
    to an interchange at an intersection with Saint-Petersburg Ring Motorway.
  • Rearrangement of 220 kV OPTL L.224 and L.206 at the area of Sophiyskaya interchange of
    Saint-Petersburg Ring Motorway.
  • Consulting (engineering) services on a designer supervision of a working project “Secondary wiring of network power output scheme of the North-Western TPP taking into account commissioning of a power unit PGU-450 No. 2”.
  • 110/35/10 kV Lekhtusi SS with 110 kV OPTL.
  • Temporary electric power supply during construction of CJSC Baltic Pearl complex.
  • A motorway A-116 Novgorod–Pskov at the site 125–142 km in Porokhovskoy district,
    the Pskov region. Rearrangement of 110 kV Lodunskaya-2 OPTL and 35 kV Pavskaya-1 OPTL.
  • 110/10 kV Leninskoye SS.
  • Construction of the second change of Saint-Petersburg Ring Motorway. Part of the road “Russia” to a motorway “Narva”. Rearrangement of 110 kV OPTL at PC494 + 72.
  • 330 kV power transmission lines of Leningradskaya NPP – Primorsk (Zelenogorsk) – Vyborg.
  • The Eastern semi-ring of Saint-Petersburg Ring Motorway. Installation of radial yoke plate in tension insulators of supports No. 45 and 46 of 330 kV OPTL.
  • Reconstruction of 10 kV OPTL of f-330-06 from Michurinskaya SS to TS-339 of village Krasnoozernoye.   Copyright © 2007