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      Conference “Innovations in electric power construction” 2011

      The 2-nd international workshop conference “Innovations in electric power construction” took place on October 19-20, 2011 in Saint-Petersburg. A range of non-commercial partnerships of self-regulated organizations were the organizers of the conference, among them: “ENERGOSTROY”, “Association of Electric Power Constructors”, “EnergoStroyAlliance”, “INVEL” as well as one of the largest participants of the energy industry of North-West JSC “Lenenergo”.

      The representatives of the Committee on energetic of State Duma of the Russian Federation, of Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, of the executive personnel of the Plenipotentiary of the President in the Northwestern Federal District, of JSC “Holding MRSK” JSC RusHydro, JSC FGC UES, a range of research-and-development centers as well as progressive domestic and foreign companies and suppliers of equipment involved in the electric power construction sector and construction and erection organizations took active part in the conference.

      Deputy General director Andrey Naryshkin and and Chief engineer Viktor Silin were delegated by CJSC “EnergoProject” to take part in the conference.

      Great number of meetings, briefings and round tables dedicated to discussion of the latest technical decisions and current problems in the energy industry of the Russian Federation took place in the course of two-day meetings in the framework of session “Innovations in electricity supply network construction” and “Efficiency and power saving in construction”.

      As Andrey Naryshkin mentioned, the most fierce dispute arose on discussing report “Improvement of quality of power delivery to the final consumers. Development of infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicle”, so as this trend is one of the most important from the ecological point of view and is strongly supported by the Government.

      "Considering specificity of work of CJSC “EnergoProject” the most interesting for us from practical point of view are such reports as : "Problem analysis of electric power construction and the approved methods of their solution”, “Innovative monitoring system of distributed parameters of overhead transmission lines.” and “Experience in development and application of steel multisided supports and their foundations for overhead transmission lines 110-500 kV,” commented Victor Silin.

      This year the conference organizers paid a lot of attention to the peculiarities of training and professional development of the employees of the energy industry and to consideration of current problems of energy efficiency in the training programs. The reports connected with these topics were prepared by the professors of the leading universities of Saint-Petersburg and the discussion of these problems captured the attention of a number of the industry participants.

      “Summarizing the results of the conference in is possible to state that the Russian energy sphere develops rapidly and is abreast with world-wide tendencies in the area of energy efficiency and safety actively cooperating with the leading suppliers of equipment and scientific institutes. The importance of conferencing of such an extent is unconditional as during such events exchange of experience, presentation of the latest achievements, technologies, equipment, partnering and summarizing the results of fruitful work takes place,” outlined the General director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan.
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