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      High technologies to children



Solemn ceremony for delivery of computers to “Kingiseppsky orphan asylum No. 2” for orphaned children and children without parental guardianship took place on October 26, 2011.

     CJSC “EnergoProject” systematically takes the lead in various charity affairs in the context of support of the state policy with regard to integrated solution of the youth problems as well as in the framework of the company social program. For example, all the company employees took part and made their contribution in the action “Happy schoolchild” on collection of stationery for The Knowledge Day. Being aware of the fact that educational component is the basis on which the whole system of elevation of the cultural and professional level of the youth as well as of the whole commonwealth is formed, the management of CJSC “EnergoProject” has allotted 11 full optional modern computers for the charity action “High technologies to children”.

     General Director of the company “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan: “The computer with access to the international network Internet is first of all the powerful instrument of world learning, child intellectual abilities development, outlook broadening as well as of communication with coevals all over the world. I am very glad that our company has possibility to hold the charity activities of the kind and to render help to those who is in need. Indeed, as is known, children are our future and we have to do our very best to make it better”.

     “A growing number of successful commercial companies in Russia become aware of their social responsibility and strive to make their contribution to the development of our society. It is pleasant that the company “EnergoProject” has selected our orphan asylum of all others to hold this wonderful charitable action. Now our computer class for children is fully equipped. We hope to continue cooperation and express sincere appreciation to all the staff of the company for the rendered aid,” commented the director of Municipal state educational institution “Kingiseppsky orphan asylum No. 2” of the Leningrad region Elena Degtyareva. 
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