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      Main projects of 2007

  • 500/220/35 kV Tayshet-2 SS, Irkutsk region.
  • Rearrangement of 110 kV Sovetskaya-3 and Sovetskaya-4 OPTLs. Oil and oil products reload terminal and engineering infrastructure facilities in a specialized oil-loading seaport Primorsk.
  • 330 kV cable lines “Plant Ilyich-Volkhov-Severnaya”.
  • Relocation of 220 and 110 kV OPTLs from LLC Hypercenter SPb construction site.
  • 330/110/10 kV Rzhevskaya SS with OPTL and cable line.
  • Full reconstruction and technical upgrade of 330 kV Vostochnaya SS, Saint-Petersburg.
  • 330 kV Central SPb SS.
  • 110/10/10 kV Lakhta SS with 110 kV cable line.
  • External power supply to Strelna palace and park ensemble. Reconstruction of SS No. 62 and construction of 110/35/6 kV SS No. 62-A.
  • External power supply of an alumina refinery to process middle Timan bauxites.
  • Cable laying of 330 kV Zapadnaya – Vasileostrovskaya – Severnaya SS in the motorways, on scaffolds, bridges and in tubes of the Western High-Speed Diameter.
  • A detail project “Reconstruction of 110 kV indoor switchgear of the HPP-11 of the Cascade of Vuoksa HPPs”.
  • Development of emergency control system at the Unit No. 1 of the Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 and Octyabrskaya SS.
  • External power supply grids of CJSC Horticultural Plant “Kupchino” located at the address:
    91, Sophiyskaya st.
  • Development of the external power supply scheme to the facilities of the multifunctional territory “Utkina Zavod” to connect 80,500 kVA (70 MW) capacities.
  • Designer supervision of the facility “110/10 kV Roshchinskaya SS and a two-chain one with
    Zel-2/Zel-5 OPTL and transfer to 110 kV voltage”.
  • Laying 110 kV cable line of the northern site of the Saint-Petersburg water barrier construction.
  • Reconstruction of SS No. 46.
  • Reconstruction of SS No. 29.
  • Reconstruction of SS No. 13.
  • 110 kV approaches to the Rzhevskaya SS.
  • 110/10 kV SS OSK OJSC Olton Plus with 110 kV cable line from the Octyabrskaya SS.
  • External power supply to non-commercial partnership facilities located at the address:
    The Leningrad Region, Vyborgskiy District, village Leninskoye.
  • 110/35/10 kV Lekhtusi SS with 110 kV OPTL (SS No. 43).
  • Re-approach of 10 kV protected OPTL to 110/10 kV Tikhvin-Zapadnaya SS.
  • 0.38 kV insulated OPTL village Berezovik in Tikhvinskiy district, the Leningrad Region.
  • TS-58 in a village Vyra in Gatchinskiy district, the Leningrad Region.
  • 110 kV cable line SS 16 – Sinopskaya SS at the site from a junction well No. 7 to the
    Sinopskaya SS.
  • Reconstruction of 10 kV grids of F-12 Lopukhinka SS in Lomonosovskiy district.
  • Replacement of a supply transformer T-4 at SS No. 18.   Copyright © 2007