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      Happy schoolchild

The traditional charitable action “Happy schoolchild” started on August 1, 2011 in CJSC “EnergoProject”. Within a month the staff of the company acquired paints, brushes, drawing-books, exercise books, pens and the other things important to every schoolchild for the children of orphan asylums. All the selected stationery was delivered to the handicapped children of the boarding school No. 9 of Kalininsky District of Saint-Petersburg on on September 2, 2011.

“The infantile cerebral paralysis children study in our school. The advertence and care are especially important for them. In is obvious that our pupils will be very glad to all the presents that they received for the new school year from the employees of CJSC “EnergoProject”, comments Lyubov Georgievna, Deputy Director on educational work of boarding school No. 9. “We are very glad that such a wonderful idea on selection of presents for orphan asylums and boarding school strikes a chord annually among the stuff of the company. We hope that for the new school year we have made life of handicapped children slightly more happy,” - outlined the General Director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan.

General Director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan handed letters of gratitude to the employees of architectural and construction sector in accordance with their professional holiday “The Day of Constructor” on August 12, 2011. Gagik Zakharyan on behalf of management of CJSC “EnergoProject” and on his own behalf thanked the specialists of construction industry for their high professionalism, responsibility, discipline of excellence and wished them the following success in performance of the most trailblazing projects. According to the words of Gagik Zakharyan, the architectural and construction sector is the integral element of the highly professional team of the company. “Owing to the irreproachable work of the competent constructors-designers we develop not only electric power but also construction sections of technical documentation. Therefore, CJSC “EnergoProject” proposes to a customer the services on complex designing of objects of electrical energy industry of any complexity,” mentioned the Director.

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