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      Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet on futsal

From left to right: Altukhov Dmitry, Malyshevich Dmitry, Klimeshov Maxim, Vakhmistrov Alexander, Akinshin Vladimir, Presnyakov Sergey
Kostin Dmitry, Petrov Dmitry, Chernov Alexander, Vlasovets Denis

     The annual futsal tournament “Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet” supported by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation took place already in twice on September 17–18, 2011 in Moscow in the sports center USK “Krylatskoe”. According to the rules of the organizers the teams were formed from the staff of the companies of fuel and energy sector of Russia. This time 24 amateur football teams took part in the competition. Design institute CJSC “EnergoProject” included in the Group of Companies “EFESk” took part in the tournament of the kind for the first time. The competitives were divided into six groups by four teams in each one. “EnergoProject” select team performed in group “B” along with the teams of companies “Energonetproject”, SIEMENS and CEMC UES joined.

     Already on the first day the “EnergoProject” select team reached the “Golden series” of Play-Off. In the course of competition only one goal was shot to the woodwork of the design institute by the players of the “EnergoProject” select team in group “B”. The total 13 goals were shot in the framework of the tournament by the team to the woodwork of the opposing team. As a result of the strained football combats the team of CJSC “EnergoProject” reached 1/8 of cup-final giving up one penalty to the team of Leningrad NPP and having got sixth place in the destination table. In the course of the following competition the “Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet” was won by the select team of Inter RAO UES.

     «“Carrying out sport tournaments is the necessary condition for the establishment of friendly and partnership relations between the colleagues in the sector," shared his impressions Alexander Vakhmistrov, the player of “EnergoProject”. Football is the great energetic, coordinated play and mutual work of all the members of the team! I think that the mutual actions at the football field can help participants in forming new team principles, straightening correlation and loyalty to each other which is so essential in our daily work,” said Sergey Shmatko, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation in his welcome video-address to the participants of the tournament.

We congratulate our football team and wish numerous wins to the players!

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