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      A great celebration of the National Day of Designer took place in CJSC “EnergoProekt

Company’s Top-management congratulated all employees with their professional holiday, thanked engineers for everything they do, appreciated their responsibility, excellent discipline, and expressed a hope that all designs would be fulfilled at a good speed, high quality and on time. According to Chief engineer Victor Silin, the work of designers is a preamble of any start-up because, after all, only they decide what people will have as a result -  substation, overhead transmission line, or industrial building.

"Every holiday, which is celebrated in our company, and especially such an important one, as Day of Designer – is an excellent opportunity to socialize with colleagues, to raise a toast to our successes and achievements, and discuss expected job prospects. I heartily congratulate all designers with their professional holiday and wish them successful realization of current and future projects ", - commented CJSC" EnergoProekt " General Director Gagik Zakharyan.
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